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With a presence of over 30 years in the Greek market, Eleftheriadis Group of Companies as an international representations and trading party, is structured with three core operating companies focused on specific fields of operation.

Both DIAL S.A. and ELFA FARM hold the Medical Representations and Managing Division, operating mainly in the fields of Dialysis and Therapeutic Apheresis, whereas A+ AUDIO represents a partnership enterprise of the group.

Eleftheriadis Group of Companies has been a partner of choice of some of the leading multinational companies, such as Asahi Kasei Kuraray Medical Co., Ltd., Asahi Kasei Medical Ltd and Kawasumi Inc., for the sale and marketing of products in multiple specialty therapeutic areas, mainly for the treatment of chronic and life-threatening diseases. We invite you to explore company profile, and hope you will find it a useful as well as a stimulating tool in order to learn more about our company, our principles and the areas of our expertis