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DIAL S.A. handles the exclusive representation of major outlander firms which supply innovative, unique and cost-effective products on the field of medical devices. The main object of the company in question is importation and distribution of equipment and artificial kidney filters for the treatment of chronic renal insufficiency in Extrarenal Clearance Units, as well as devices and disposables for the support of special treatments, like Therapeutic Plasmapheresis.

Mr Konstantinos Eleftheriadisis President and Managing Director of DIAL S.A.

Among the total of 25 companies being present in the area, the company in question holds a market share of about 20% of the public Greek hospitals and is also present in 5 private clinics.

This success comes out of a round of activities that provide firstly the best quality of selected products, so that commitment against the clients for supply of high quality products is being fulfilled, and secondarily the maintenance of client’s satisfaction levels to the maximum.



The company in question is specialized in trading of disposables, equipment and extrarenal clearance filters, as well as medical devices for special extracorporeal treatments like therapeutic plasmapheresis, immunoadsorption and continous renal replacement therapy.

ELFA FARM, who’s General partner and Manager is Mr Konstantinos Elefheriadis is present mainly in the private sector. Was established in 1999 and for the last two years constitutes the investing company of the Group.



The main object of the enterprise, that is present for the last 5 years in Greek and international market, is trading of high quality audio and sound, as well as cinema, electronic equipment.