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Eleftheriadis Group Of Companies is always present whenever asked for, aimed only by covering the occasions and providing the best services to the clients.
With a 30 year old experience we expertise in establishing Artificial Kidney Units from the very early stage of planning and development, up to the level of complete material and vital supply. Through our very well organized and fully educated managing and scientific teams, we may provide total support by means of organizing, training, management and assistance of any kind of need.

Our cooperate administrators and medical staff constantly care for optimizing the operation of Artificial Kidney Units we manage and though providing the best treatment to our patients in a friendly and pleasant environment.


Cooperate Administrators

Cooperate Administrator Institution
Dr Iatrou Christos
  • Director of Dialysis Unit, Nikaia General Hospital
  • President of Hellenic Nephrology Society
Dr Plakias Dimitrios
  • Director of Dialysis Unit, Taxiarchai General Clinic
Dr Sofroniadou Sofia
  • Director of Dialysis Unit, St.Eirini General Clinic
Dr Gombou Athina
  • Director of Dialysis Unit, IASO Thessaly Hospital
Dr Bletta Aliki
  • Director of Dialysis Unit, IASO General Clinic
Dr Psimenos George
  • Director of Dialysis Unit, Artificial Unit Centre
Dr Afentakis Nikos
  • Director of Dialysis Unit, General Hospital of Athens “G.Gennimatas”
Mr Noussis Athanassios
  • Head Nurse, General Hospital of Athens “G.Gennimatas”