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In 1975 Mr George Elefhteriadis started the importation and trading of dialyzers and dialysis machines by holding the exclusive representation of French firm GENIE MEDICAL (a RONK POULENK subsidiary) in Greece. In 1985 he takes over the exclusivity of HOSPAL firm and together he starts his cooperation with Japanese firm KURARAY.
In 1990 DIAL S.A. is constituted, which through today exclusively disposes the innovative products of  KURARAY (EVAL, EVAFLUX) as well as artificial kidney systems.
Nine years later in 1999 ELFA Pharmaceuticals is originated and expands the turnover by also trading dialysates and disposals for Artificial Kidney. This activity commences by exclusivity the organization, management and supply of private artificial kidney units.
In year 2005 his son Mr Konstantinos Elefhteriadis takes over and Mr George Elefhteriadis becomes honorary president.




Tel: (+030) 210 5222433 Fax: (+030) 210 5222937
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Capitalization 10 million Euros as of December 2010
Employees Approximately 200 as of December 2010
Local Market Share Public Sector :25% of the total dialysis treatments (≈120.000 treatments/year)
Cooperation with 71 out of 136 Greek Public Hospitals
Private Sector : Managing of 8 Private Artificial Kidney Units (≈ 1000 patients)
≈ 156.000 dialysis treatments/year



International Compliance and CE Marking Certification

All the products that we represent hold CE Marking Certification according to international compliance

Observance of Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2003



Group Advisory Committee

General Manager Mr.Konstantinos Eleftheriadis
  • President of DIAL S.A
  • General Partner of ELFA FARM
Medical Advisor Dr. Aliki Bletta
  • Nephrologist, MD
  • Director of Artificial Kidney Unit
  • IASO General Hospital



Driven by consequence and reliability, an appropriate working environment has been generated and modern methods of organization have been applied, so as to provide high quality product and services in all fields, like:

  • Continuous training of company members on quality and scientific education matters
  • Optimal cooperation and communication with all clients, in order to nullify defects and provide with scientific information
  • Application of contemporary technology for storage and distribution of represented products
  • Properly educated staff in order to provide with maintenance and educational services both for the equipment and the operation of the supplied products,

Eleftheriadis Group Of Compnies employs a team of healthcare support staff consisting of qualified nurses operating in almost all major Greek cities and the provinces. The purpose of the Healthcare Support team is to give patients psychological support as well as to provide information on the progress and technical nature of their treatment.



At Eleftheriadis Group of Companies, we consider Corporate Responsibility a core element of our business philosophy. Being responsible is our duty, not only towards the medical community and the patients, but also towards our partners, our employees, the community, the environment.

Systematic support of Patients' Associations

Health is the main pillar of our company's social contribution, mainly expressed by supporting Associations for patients who suffer from rare, chronic or life-threatening diseases and by actively participating in public awareness campaigns regarding major health and safety issues.
The work and support of the Patients' Associations offered to people who suffer from rare, chronic or life-threatening diseases are exceptional while their needs are great. At Eleftheriadis Group of Companies we support many of these Associations, like Pan-Hellenic Nephropathy Federation with transparency, respect for their work and with a sole purpose: to provide them with all necessary supplies for unconditionally offering their services to Greek patients.

Health & Safety Public Awareness Campaigns
In Eleftheriadis Group of Companies, we strongly believe that raising awareness and endorsing prevention is a major step towards a healthier quality of life. Therefore, we actively participate in public awareness campaigns related to major health and safety issues like Hellenic Nephrology Society .

Universities and college research programmes
Eleftheriadis Group of Companies has always supported, through donations and sponsorships, academic medical research and universities that work in order to offer better medical services. Our commitment and continuous support to academic research derives from our strong faith in the universities' contribution to science, medical community and patients.

Conferences, Seminars
Aiming to support young entrepreneurs and business executives, while contributing at the same time in reinforcing Greek businesses' competitiveness, we systematically support Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and other educational initiatives focusing on business strategy, new techniques and science. So we have a vivid presence in Greek and pan-European medical conferences of Nephrology.